Rumor: Mayweather Gets a "Get Out Of Jail Free" Card to Fight Pacquiao?!

Floyd Mayweather just got an official "get out of jail free" card so that he can fight an “unnamed” opponent on Cinco De Mayo in Las Vegas. This fight is reported to rake in more than $100 million for the Vegas economy and will take place at the MGM Grand Garden Arena! This has to be the anticipated Mayweather/ Manny Pacquiao boxing fans everywhere have been getting on their knees at night and praying for.


Mayweather was supposed to turn himself in yesterday to begin his 90-day jail sentence for domestic violence; however, Justice of the Peace Melissa Saragosa has ruled to allow Mayweather to begin his 90-day stint on June 1 so he can fight and so Vegas can rake in that dough. This judge must be a huge boxing fan, or maybe she doesn't think attacking your ex-girlfriend, while your two kids watch, is a serious enough offense.


In true Money Mayweather fashion, the fighter came to the court with his washed-up celebrity friends, including former rap star and plastic surgery victim Lil’ Kim and former porn star, I mean R&B artist, Ray J.

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Get ready for the biggest fight of the year on May 5th - Mayweather Vs. Pacquiao is my best guess. If not Pacquiao, who do you think Mayweather will be jousting with?