Rumors About Yayo

DROP YAYO?There is a lot of wrangling behind the scenes with this Tony Yayo / 50 Cent protest. I don't know how true this is, but I heard people that are protesting are demanding that 50 Cent drop Tony Yayo. Remember how kind of did that with Public Enemy and Professor Griff? Anyway, I don't see it happening with G-Unit, if this rumor is true. On the 50 Cent side, they are not going to relent in their stance that 50 Cent didn't do anything wrong in this case. THE GAME RETURNS TO DISS TONY YAYO!Well, it was only a matter of time. The Game has totally shattered an hopes for peace with a new song called "Body Bags." You know, this diss is so scathing that I can't believe it. Below is a sample lyric. I'm going to keep it 100% real with you, there is nothing we can do about this beef. We shoot for peace, but they are just warring factions like the U.S. and Iraq (sorta). Read the some of the lyrics:"What kind of bitch n***a put his hands on kids -Homo?/ Pull up that black van on his / We don't do the kid slap / we do the kid snatching / Eye witness news "Its been a kid napping."/ Feed 'em real good / Play with Harlem (The Game's son)/ Just wait, "Its ya Daddy callin' / Nah, we don't get down like that, but 50's mama, we'll put you in the ground like that."50 CENT RELEASES NEW SONG...As I wrote poll came true - 50 Cent released his new single! On the same day as the protest, the G-Unit General drops his new single, "Straight To The Bank," a song which is produced by Ty Phife & Dr Dre. I have to admit, it sounds like Dre produced it all. I heard Funk Master Flex blasted it off last night as well. Wow!