Rumors and Tidbits: Megan Thee Stallion, ASAP Rocky and Chris Brown's Child!

It has been a slow day but this post has something to get you through it regardless.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Things are looking crazy for ,my G ASAP Rocky. He is now facing a total of 6 years in jail over a fracas where he put his paws on a man that kept following him and his crew. I doubt that will happen, because he is a big, international star.


According to reports, Chris Brown owes his baby mama $250K in back child support. Now, I see why he is dropping albums with more than 30 songs on them. He needs the money to get to flowing again! According to The Blast, Nia Guzman say Breezy was ordered to pay $17k back in February, but has not gotten the money for ~~herself, I mean,~~ their daughter Royalty. Guzman said - per The Blast - "has repeatedly engaged in conduct that dramatically increased the cost of litigation." Guzman claims, "He has ignored deposition notices, offered to participate in mediation in a court hearing then failed to even respond to potential mediation dates when proposed, and ignored settlement offers altogether." Now, don't think that Chris Brown is broke, because she also charges that he makes roughly $7.5 million per year. I thought it would be more than that. Anyway, she is looking for her money and the money equivalent to the housing he agreed to provide

Brandy has a movie on the way. Remember Brandy?

Yeah, back in the day, I just wanted to be down with Brandy! She had those braids! Now, she's 40 and still looks about the same. This is the weird part. Brandy told a NY radio station that she has a biopic on the way and that she's playing herself! I am now sure how that will work because she has been in the music game since the earlier part of the 1990s! She has the story and the high level of musical story! But can a 40 year old play a teenager? I am not sure. I think perhaps she could play herself at later stages in her life though. Personally, she should boss up and let somebody portray her and let be executive produce the whole thing.


I am slowly, but surely falling in love with Megan Thee Stallion! Tim Westwood got a little too comfy for her taste when he asked her "wig or weave." She checked him nicely, but with a nice bit of a bite.

Love it!


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