Rumors And Tidbits: Tekashi 69, Lil Pump, Shotti, Joe Budden And Cyn Santana!

There's so much going on that we miss things. Here is some of it.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Did Shotti snitch? I know people love these stories, but I don't. I hate that the guys from TreyWay are in this situation, because they were on course to take over the world of rap. And here we are. Look at this!

Here is some more.

And some more.

What I find to be interesting is they are saying that this alleged snitching or deal making happened before Tekashi 69 did. That, I find interesting!

Lil Pump loves XXXtentacion. Let us just get that out of the way. But did he go too far in comparing the legendary rapper Tupac Shakur to his buddy? Now, before we mash on Lil Pump, he basically said XXXtentacion is THIS generation's 2pac. He didn't say he was better or worse! Now, this make seem like a blasphemous statement since XXX himself says he was BETTER than Pac. He said this based on the fact that Pac didn't record rock music and he did. That is a non-issue in my view, because Pac simply had more hit songs overall. Lil Pump said exactly, "X is the Tupac of our generation. No cap."

Watch the video below :

We may have felt like Joe Budden and Cyn Santana broke up to make Love & Hip-Hop a bit more spicy, but that may not be the case. The pair shaded each other on Instagram and it made some headlines. I missed it or maybe I was just late.

People took it as a jab. But was it? I am not convinced it was.

Now people on the INTERNET are saying this was a jab at his former fiancee, but her tweet actually came earlier in the day unless she was in another part of the world or country.

My lil young jawn Brittney Taylor is still out here allegedly pouncing on chicks. Now, there is a restraining order against her from another woman that accuses her of attacking her FOR siding with Remy Ma. So, she beat up somebody that was supporting somebody that beat her up? All allegedly of course, but this is getting weird.

But, Ms. Taylor is looking good - for a young chick.