Rumors & Tidbits: Drake's Tat, R. Kelly's Bible, Tyrese Vs The Rock!

Beefs, beefs and more beefs dominate the random internet chatter!

(AllHipHop Rumors) I have no particular love for The Beatles, but Drake made me feel a way with his new tattoo. For those that don't know, Drake recently beat The Beatles by besting their multiple chart records. So he permanently tatted some Abbey Road-inspired ink of the group. But, he didn't stop there. He put HIMSELF in front of them. I think the word that comes to mind is "tasteless" when I think of what this means to me. Drake just has random tats anyway.

Naturally, Beatles fans are in an uproar and feel Drake is being disrespectful to their beloved Fab Five. Who cares? Beatles Fans!

Moving On To R. Kelly...

Here is the latest boo-hoo about R. Kelly. It seems like Robert is complaining about not being able to read fan mail or his Bible. Wait a second, homie...isn't he illiterate?

Here is what his lawyer is saying:

“I’ve seen him get very emotional. He’s dealing with a lot of stories that have been made up. He’s not a fighter. I’ve seen him cry when he talks about the situation.” He added, “He’s also a spiritual guy, has a Bible with him in his cell, but he can’t read it. It’s basically there for comfort. Now he’s been placed in the MCC’s ‘SHU’ — a cell in solitary confinement away from the jail population and is constantly being moved from cell to cell. He has only the guards to talk to.”

R. Kelly's lawyer seemed to admit that his client cannot read very well, stating that he can figure out what the fan mail is saying by context or sounding out words.

The Rock claps back at Tyrese...

I am sure we didn't think The Rock was going to let Tyrese get away with that shot, did we? Remember Black Ty dissed the Fast & Furious spin-off "Hobbs & Shaw" when it languished a bit at the box office in the first week. Well, it looks like Dwayne will have the last laugh since the movie has surged back to the top of the box office.