Rumors & Tidbits: Eazy-E, Kanye West, Weird Rapper Advocating Rape!

Eazy-E gets a new grave, Kanye Get Lit, and more!

(AllHipHop Rumors) YO! I hope you guys are happy, because today is Sunday! And guess what? Today's another edition of Kanye West's Sunday Service and the word is, it was lit! I am not sure why it was lit, because church is never lit. But, then again...yes it is!

Church stays lit!

I have to say it is pretty good to see him get back to some sort of normalcy, if that is even logical to say. I still stay in my feelings about the Trump support, but this seems to bring him back "home" - literally. 

Moving right along...

Another feel good moment...Eazy-E, the pioneering rapper and businessman, has a new grave. This may seem weird to some, but to me, it is special. That man got a raw deal from the Hip-Hop Nation when he died. He was on the wrong side of a battle that he should have been on the right side. And then he passed away in the midst of it all. Well, yesterday was his birthday. By the way, yesterday was also Mac Miller's death day. People were sad. He was a good kid! Anyway! 

Back to Eazy! Family and friends of the legendary Ruthless Records founder came together to celebrate his life at his grave site! I wish I knew! I would have been there! (OK, no I wouldn't because I cannot afford the ticket, but that's another story.) Here is some of the visuals. 


“You scared to rape a bitch, I can’t relate”
“Rape Rape on the first fucking date”

I won't say the rapper's name, but I have to say that a rapper saying this is deeply concerning to me. What? I am not an advocate of violence, but this dude needs his whole a$$ whipped for overtly advocating rape and putting that out there for people to chant back. Big problems! 

MAN, dudes are BUGGING TF OUT! 

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“I won’t say the rapper’s name” that’s the problem with hip hop culture, no accountability for these rappers and the reason why they will be getting away with rape, drugs and violence


Come on man "rape rape" this dude needs his ass whipped for even saying that on wax. Whoever is putting money behind this fool needs their ass whipped as well.