Rumors & Tidbits: Rick Ross, Mailk Yoba, R. Kelly and Snoop Dogg!


There is a lot going on! R. Kelly is surviving jail! Trans allegedly surviving Malik Yoba! Rozay surviving fatherhood!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Rick Ross is the biggest boss, but one aspect of his life may have gotten away from him. Now, some people are speculating that Ross is upset that his oldest daughter is now pregnant. This is the daughter of the mother that was the center of the mess with 50 Cent. However, Ross and her appear to have a loving relationship. All of this started, because the biggest Bawse allegedly stop following her on social media. I am betting he's not even mad. I bet he simply does not want to see that mess. Just my 2-cents! I know plenty of dads that don't wanna see their kids shenanigans on IG.

By the way, Ross is on a promo tour pushing his new book, Hurricanes. Speaking of hurricanes, big time prayers to all my brothers and sisters in The Bahamas. They are getting hit hard!

Moving on!

The homie Malik Yoba recently came out as a man that is attracted to trans women. Well, some have said that the "New York Undercover" actor is simply pandering to the LGBT+ crew to get some work. This is what they say can get you working in Hollywood! I didn't make it up. Anyway, a trans woman is trying to "Me Too" Malik Yoba! The word on the street is that Malik has had some sort of illicit sexual relationship with an underage trans prostitute! More than that, they are saying that he's going to be ARRESTED and CHARGED! What? All of this because he is attracted to trans people?

Uh oh!

Speaking of surviving...R. Kelly is in gen pop! AKA General Population at the jail he's slowly rotting in! TMZ got the scoop!

R Kelly is finally out of solitary confinement and will join general population, even though prosecutors called BS on his isolation woes.

The singer's attorney, Steven Greenberg, tells TMZ R. Kelly was moved Tuesday ... and was only kept in solitary by prison officials as a form of punishment. Greenberg says Kelly never did anything wrong during his time behind bars to warrant being held in solitary.

Greenberg tells us that although R. Kelly will be in gen pop -- which is normally considered more dangerous, especially for high-profile inmates -- there are going to be security measures in place that should keep his client safe ... but wouldn't get into specifics.

We're told R. Kelly will now be allowed 10 non-attorney visits instead of the previously allowed one. He'll also have a longer leash on phone calls and emails, should he use it.

Perhaps most important -- for R. Kelly it seems -- is the fresh air he'll be able to experience now with other prisoners during rec time. He'll get to hit the yard if he wants.

Now, prosecutors confirmed R. Kelly was being moved to gen pop in a court filing of their own -- but they attempted to correct the record on him claiming psychological torture.

Snoop Dogg is now cool with Suge Knight!

More coming soon!

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