Rumors & Tidbits: The Rock, The Cheater? Popeye's First Victim! Dame Dash! Bhad!


It seems like we are bored. Take a look at these dry stories from the day!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Some weird stuff is going on. But some woman has come out saying that she had an affair with The Rock when he was married. But, wait...she says she had the affair when Mr. Johnson was married to his OTHER wife back in 2004! Are we doing this? The Rock isn't even married to this other woman anymore!

She may not claim bitter, but it is a bit weird that she would come out a full 15 years to make this revelation.

The Popeye's Chicken Fever Claims Its First Victim!

A freaking employee at a Gainesville Popeyes Chicken earlier this week has been hospitalized. It seems like this poor woman was injured due to the influx of chicken sandwich orders. It seems like the woman collapsed into some GREASE after being besieged by chicken orders! This is certain to "feed" the rumors that this fried chicken sandwich is CRACK! The word on the block is that Popeye's has made some $25 million bucks from this fervor alone! What do you think about this?

Watch this whole Dame Dash interview.

Bhad Bhabie Says Nobody Writes Their Own Lyrics!