RZA Shoots Down Beef Rumors...And Has A Secret Weapon To Do It!

RZA jumps back into the mainstream and counters the allegations of beef with the Wu-Tang Clan!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Welp! VLAD strikes again! I am not sure why, but people continue to interview with Vlad after issue after issue! This time, he posted portions of an interview with U-God of the Wu-Tang Can badmouthing RZA, Killarmy and Sunz of Man. Now, I felt that it was an edit job, but it may have been even more! The RZA, U-God, Inspectah Deck and even Young Dirty all got into a video and set the record STRAIGHT AS A HOMOPHOBIC ARROW!

Now, I understand their point, but the fact is, the interview was by U-God, who clearly fell victim to the wily ways of Vlad TV! On top of that, U-God dropped a book that also disparaged RZA, calling him a "control freak" and "dictator," among other things. He also sued the whole group for millions, in 2017 but who's counting? I, for one, am glad to see them laugh off the idea that there is beef between them. I don't think beef for this iconic crew is what we need. Leave that to the kiddies! Get paid, OGs!

Speaking of Vlad, he's in hot water with the son of Dick Gregory! In an interview with Bill "You Know You Done Fkd Up, Right" Dukes, the said that Baba Dick Gregory needed a GoFundMe to pay for his massive televised funeral! Well, that didn't go over well with his son.

Damn, I am going to buy Dick Gregory's book now! I hope Bill Duke gets right with the family!

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Vlad got that go fund me info from a comedian that was on his platform


I've NEVER EVER Liked or Respected Vigilant Los Angeles Detective TV (VLADTV). I created that acronym because it fit's him perfectly. In 99% of his video's if I even care to watch he's always either instigating shit or trying to get the person he's interviewing to say some shit, admit some shit that may cause trouble for someone. He'll ask a question that he know some of the answer to & when the subject doesn't say/answer the way he wants them to he'll respond with "I had heard...." hoping the person he's interviewing is dumb/stupid enough to fall for his trick!!!!!