Safaree Believes That Cardi B Has Nicki Minaj Sweating!


Safaree is another person who things that Cardi B has the head Barb pressed! Get in the studio Nicki!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Safaree recently stopped Complex's 'Everyday Struggle' to talk about a number of things.

During his visit he cleared up a number of things about his scuffle with Meek Mill's crew to his relationship and business dealings with Nicki Minaj.

When DJ Akademiks and Joe Budden tried to get Safaree to answer whether or not he felt like Nicki Minaj fell off.

We know that Safaree wanted to say she fell off, but he played it respectfully safe by saying he wouldn't say that Nicki fell off. He instead said that her music is just "different."

Safaree might as well have said that he believed that Nicki fell off because he did confirm that he believes that Cardi B has Nicki Minaj sweating.

Safaree says that Cardi B has Nicki 100% Sweating.

According to Safaree, Nicki only congratulated Cardi because she can't look like a hater, and he says that he doesn't think that Nicki congratulating Cardi was genuine. Well, most of the internet didn't think it was either.

Safaree might really know what he's talking about since he spent like 12 years with Nicki. What are your thoughts? Check out his comments at the 28:00 mark.

What's funny is, I doubt that Cardi will ever attain the level of success that Nicki has, despite her No.1 single, but it's like when the new cute girl comes to the school, and the baddest chick is nervous and mad about the attention shifting.

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Keep twerking dude........Could never take you seriously after that!!!!