Safaree Get Banned From NY Radio And Still Fights For His Furry Rights!

Safaree is out in the NYC streets, but he says he's not invited to one powerhouse radio station.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Safaree is banned from Power 105? How and why? First of all, doesn't all drama mean views and ratings? This man is the ex of Nicki Minaj and a “Love And Hip Hop” star, but the plot is getting thicker. He is now the boo of Erica Mena. He's also had beef with Joe Budden and Cyn Santana. He almost got into a fight with Rich Dollaz. Erica Mena and Rich Dollaz were and item that was so active they used to have threesomes and sex in restaurant bathrooms. It seems like the connectivity of the New York crew has affected the homie Safaree! He told his Twitter followers he’s been banned from Power 105.1.But why? I mean, who even cares?

Well first of all, Erica Mena allegedly, reportedly and and presumably had an affair with the married man DJ Envy. He's definitely not coming to The Breakfast Club with that energy around him. Secondly, it seems that the homie Joey Budden and Cyn Santana are not feeling him. Now, I thought they broke up, which they did, but bear with me. Things in LAHH Land moves differently. Joe and Cyn were upset with Safaree because he did NOT tell them that Erica would be in Costa Rica when the cast linked up. BEEF! And Safaree ALLEGEDLY didn't tell Rich facts about his relationship with Erica and THEY almost got to scrappin' at the reunion. So, it definitely looks like the Envy situation is the one that got him banned. I don't think the great NY DJ is down to be looking at the man of the woman that brings up bad memories.

On a side note, Safaree participated in a protest AGAINST the banning of fur in NYC. Peta and others are lobbying to have actual animal fur banished from the city. I must fur in NYC is super weird. Sorry, lil chinchillas.

Look at ol' SAF!

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Hold up, a ban on fur is targeted at hurting the black community...damn, I guess Trump ain't that bad of a President if black people are out here getting it like that.