Safaree Gets Roasted For Offering Nicki Minaj Music Advice


The Rem Nick beef just keeps getting messier and messier. LOL. Well it looks like real Hip Hop fans,

by ClassicOne Rumors.

(AllHipHop Rumors)

and the internet as a whole aren’t feeling Nicki Minaj’s late Remy Ma diss/response track, and Nicki’s ex, Safaree, hasn’t been able to keep quiet about the two female’s rap beef, as well as his past relationship with Minaj lately.

Following Nicki’s release of “No Frauds” last night, Twitter fingers Safaree took to the social media network to offer someone some music advice.

“Stop letting these producers come and give u structured songs that dont sound like you then you add a 12bar rap to it #nevausetoworklikethat”
“The hardest sh-t was never tainted by anybody else… take it how yall want… #stuntgang,” said Safaree

Although Safaree didn’t @ anyone, Twitter users felt like he was talking to Nicki, and immediately let him have it.

Safaree basically said that a certain someone’s records weren’t up to the gold standard that they use to be. As you know Safaree still maintains that he wrote all of Nicki’s lyrics. How do you think Nicki’s forthcoming album will sound? How did you feel about her diss track “No Frauds?”

Check out how Safaree got roasted below!