Safaree Takes A Shot At Nicki Minaj For Smoking Weed

Safaree seemingly had some choice words for his ex Nicki Minaj about her "poor choices"

(AllHipHop Rumors) It looks like Safaree had some words for ex, Nicki Minaj.

Minaj posted a video of her smoking weed and listening to her music with friends.

Safaree took to social media to post a video talking about someone making poor decisions in their 30s.

Folks couldn't help but to think that Safaree's comments were about Nicki because the timing of is post after hers, and he seems to express that Nicki wasn't a smoke when they were together.

"If you wait to your mid 30's to pick up a habit and show it off like it's cool, you need help. I feel sorry for you. Stop," said Safaree.

Nicki is a little bit too old to be picking up bad habits, but Nicki strikes me as someone who would've already been smoking.

Check out the videos below. Do you think Safaree was talking about Nicki?

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Why don't he just shut the fuck yo and let Nas worry bout her blowing weed?