Safaree Turns A Loss Into A Win As Nudes Leak!

AllHipHop Staff

Love and Hip-Hop’s Safaree saw an invasion of privacy turn into a major win over the weekend.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Mr. Stunt Gang is back and this time people are noticing.

Safaree Samuels also know as SB Stunts has been making a name for himself recently.

Safaree first gained recognition after performing with and dating rap megastar Nicki Minaj.

Nobody knew what would become of Safaree after his split from Minaj.

Their was beef tension between the two as Safaree claimed to write some of Minaj's material.

That would fizzle out, but Safaree also made headlines after a BET Awards weekend altercation with Meek Mill.

However, Safaree has been able to repair his reputation since then.

It took him awhile, but the New York native has been doing well for himself recently.

Safaree has been building a solid fanbase after agreeing to become part of the Love and Hip-Hop franchise.

The expanding franchise has taken him from Hollywood back to home to New York.

Over the years we've seen the Rapper engage in different relationships on the show.

His most recent romance being with Harlem native and fellow rapper Cam'Ron's ex JuJu.

Safaree has been catching the eyes of the ladies since taking his talents to the television screen.

Which makes the affection he has been shown by women after a recent leak of his nudes not so surprising.

Women looked and sought after the photos making Safaree a trending topic on Twitter over the weekend.

Even when he loses he always seems to bounce back and I have a feeling Safaree isn't too upset about his most recent L.