Say No To Drugs: Tyrese Takes A Shot At XXXTentacion!


XXXTentacion fans aren't too happy with Tyrese right now, but was Tyrese wrong?!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Well with today's Hip Hop artists, it seems like many are drug users, are assumed to be drug users, or glorify drug use.

It seems that some rappers don't care that they are causing mental and physical harm to themselves by using drugs.

Singer and actor Tyrese is NOT here for these artists and their drug use.

In true post and delete fashion, he took to his Instagram to sound off on certain individuals using and abusing such substances, with a post that showed a picture of rapper XXXTentacion.

In his post, Tyrese thanked God that he'd always said no to drugs.

"When you look in the mirror after drinking and smoking and popping every pill they tell you to pop from these hip hop songs - my whole life I've proudly always said #NoToDrugs," wrote Tyrese.

By now most people think XXXTentacion may be suffering from the troubling effects of drug use and possible mental health issues.

The photo that Ty posted showed XXX with bloodshot red eyes and a weird stare.

The photo could've been edited, but similar photos that have been floating around of the rapper look just as troubling.

What do you think of Tyrese's statement? Is he right or out-of-line?

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Wow how cool... Your own life is so boring you have to post pics of other artists on your Insta and try to make yourself look above anyone who might use drugs...


why are these articles scattered all over the page? can we get them in the order they were released?


Good for him.😈