SCANDALOUS: What’s Going On With Money and Violence?


Whoa! I was all ready to ignore what is going to ignore what was going on with “Money and Violence.”

by Houston Williams

(AllHipHop Rumors) Look, I never watched the show. It was always bouncing around from Youtube to Tidal and then disappearing. I don’t know! Whatever! I heard it is good though. Anyway! One of the stars of the show quit! Well….I just assumed it was money and violence related – get it? BUT….the word not he blogs and message boards is that they were lovers! The dudes had allegedly had a lovers quarrel! Look at all this below.

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I think it’s quite sad and pathetic for you to have written and published this article to attack these aspiring, BLACK entrepreneurs. I don’t even care if they are gay or not - why does anyone’s personal life matter to any of y’all? I’m sick of it! Let people live the lives they want. These guys have done nothing but build and create content that Black people can enjoy. And the first thing you all look to do is bring them down. This is why we can’t have anything. This is why we never reach our full potential...because we don’t have the love and support of our own people. ITS SAD AS FCK. And even if they were lovers - WHO CARES?! Y’all need to get some lives and do better. If you have an issue with them being lovers, don’t watch the damn show. Why can’t we just support our people regardless? We always need something to talk about, someone to talk about. LEAVE THESE PEOPLE ALONE. I’m so sick of Black people having an issue with homosexuality - get the fck over it and do something meaningful with your lives. I don’t care if they are gay or straight. I see them as a voice for black people, I see them as creative geniuses, I see them as businessmen, I see them as Hungry entrepreneurs, I see them as fellow brothers trying to build a name for themselves. I hope that one day all of y’all might mature to see the things that I see. Let them continue to create. I’ll support them as they journey on to become significant players in the entertainment industry. Rather than attacking them, pray for their success and encourage them.