Seems Like Cardi B And Offset Are Back Together!

Cardi and Offset were seen having some fun down in Puerto Rico!

(AllHipHop Rumors) I swear, these people are playing with us. The same day Cardi B drops her new video is the same day her and Offset appear to be getting back together. The pair were seen on a single jetski in Puerto Rico and they appear to be having a whole bunch of fun.

This clearly fuels the rumors that the are back together or working it out. Remember a few days ago Offset interrupted his his wife’s ground-breaking, headling performance at the Rolling Loud festival. He spent $15 LARGE on flowers and had a whole set up that said something like “Take Me Back.” All the women were mad and the men wanted him to get her back.

It looks like the men are winning at the moment, unless they were never broken to begin with.

Is this stunt 101?