Shitty Cuz Proclaims His Innocence In Nipsey Murder Case!


Is the man that allegedly killed Nipsey talking now?

(AllHipHop Rumors) Nothing is what it seems online, but it seems like the man known as Shitty Cuz is speaking out. And he is proclaiming his innocence, it would seem. He has a lot of followers! I guess people will always try to look at the train wreck, as they have looked at the murder of Nipsey Hussle on social media.

Lawyer? I think he is going to need to say more and less! I think this is real too. It would seem like my guy is out in Vegas somewhere hiding out, because his lawyer said lay low. If he is a "rat" like Nipsey supposedly said to him, then I guess they will find a way to get him safely to the coppers. Wouldn't he have a connect all ready? Ya'll know, I know nothing and all I have is common sense. I apologize. Most of you guys hate my writing in general, so I know you are hating it right now, with me being all scatterbrained. But. Shitty Cuz says he was in Vegas, not at the scene of the crime.

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Shit is getting really hot. Now..