Shooting Victim Says Remy Ma's Sister Is Innocent!

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Remy Ma's sister was arrested and charged in a shooting, but the victim says the police have the wrong person.

By Rico Panacea (@RicoPanacea)

(AllHipHop Rumors) News was previously reported of Remy Ma's sister was involved in a shooting. Her sister, Rameesha Blount, would subsequently be arrested for the shooting.

However, the victim of the incident is now speaking out. According to the victim, the wrong person has been arrested.

Remeesha Blount was alleged to be involved in a parking lot shooting. She was then charged with multiple gun charges after being apprehended.

Three women were in a car when it was shot at. Also, one of the women in the car was hit by a car driven by the shooter as well.

The victim, Dericka Godly, is now speaking out and saying Rameesha wasn't the shooter. She also says she knows who shot her.

"No that’s a lie she did not do this s##t to me and me and her knew who did this that’s why she hiding so come out the closet stop punk fake ng got this girl down town like she hit me with a car a shot at me see how streets talk.. smh I pray to God she get out…," said Dericka.

She continued:

"Thank you Lord thank you Jesus I’m feeling fantastic why do my physical therapy so I wanted to go to physical therapy in this program place I can go home ready to walk on my own still a bit sore got me taking Percocet morphine and Tylenol and all above yes I’m in Wake Med and is really messed up how they did the girl that got locked up.....

All of this was said via a status on Facebook. The victim also stated she was doing fine after getting hit by the car and the shooting.

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