Shootings And Stabbings Ruin Raptors Championshi​​p Parade!

Such a positive moment gets marred by violence!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Well, all rumors are not rumors. Some of them are facts. And here is the facts, somebody let off some gunshots and sent the whole damn Canadian homecoming of the Toronto Raptors in a tizzy!!! Now, I see why Drake was moving around with a small army a$$ security!

Here's the deets!

The reports are ongoing, but right now they are saying that a pair of people were shot and that the police are on the scene. Two guns were also reported, along with two arrests. The people that were attacked are not going to die from these wounds. Other reports that I am hearing informally state that somebody was also stabbed at the event.

Come on, Canada! Don't be like America! You guys are better than that!

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Celebration spoilt... When will this shootings stop