Shots Fired: Nicki Minaj Is The Subtle Shade Queen

Nicki sends out a coded post that leaves fans wondering who she’s aiming at.

By Ne’ Richa

(AllHipHop Rumors) If there’s one thing that the Barbie Queen is known for, it’s how to set the Twitterverse & Instagram land into a frenzy.

The rapper sent out a cryptic video, and accompanying caption, that left many with empty puzzle pieces and no exact picture.

She mentions,

"U can’t lie to ppl with money about what things cost. N-ggaz know what it costs. don’t slip up & get caught. Ppl will come around purposely talking super duper loud & the calculator in my brain be like 😒. 😩don’t enter into new circles telling old lies. I need a new car @djclue. But I need a fkn discount 😅😩😂"

One wonders who could the culprit be?

We’re all aware that Nicki’s money runs longer than two football stadiums, which begs the question why she feels the need to call out another person.

Is this individual a rival by chance? Could there be more to this caption than a simple “cash brag”?

Whatever the case, we trust that Minaj will keep her lips sealed until the timing is perfect!

Nicki has had a lot to say lately as she already tweeted "I’m glad y’all peeped", and many fans assumed that this was her response to Cardi B being accused of stealing her swag.

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