Shots Unfired: The Truth About Katt Williams And Wanda Smith's Husband!

They tried to scare Katt and it worked!

(AllHipHop Rumors) You probably saw this already, but lets run it down. Last week radio host Wanda Smith and Katt Williams got into it on the radio. It was all jokes and mostly fun. But, some of those joke got personal. Wanda quipped at Katt's size and inmate status and Katt cracked jokes about her size, hair, clothing, jewelry and more. This is called the dozens and that's what comics do. IF you can't hang, just stop trying to go back and forth. It is JUST that simple.

Wanda did not stop and she got roasted like a Thanksgiving turkey. Her husband got mad. They came to the club that was being PROMOTED in all of this later than night with their kids in tow. And that big old bully flashed a gun on lil ol' Katt Williams all because his wife got roasted. What a cornball. She's a comedian too. She's a media personality too. She had things to say about Katt Williams too. She just came out on the short end of the stick. Take the L and be glad people are talking about you. But nooooooooooooooo this dude, who looks like he eats cats for breakfast flashed his gun, causing Katt to run. Katt canNOT afford to get another "F" on his chest. And if ypu don't know what that is, that's felony!

What the hell is a "dancery," as stated by Mary J. Blige? I know it has nothing to do with anything in this article. I just wanna know.

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Katt Williams Antics And Run-Ins with the Law have been Well Documented, But he brings the heat when he steps on that Stage and you can never take that away from him...


Kat corny. tries to always rip on people when he got beat up by a 14yr old