Should Meek Mill Respond To Nicki’s Rant?


Poor Meek. This brother has been through just about everything under the sun at this point.

by Houston Williams

(AllHipHop Rumors) I am shocked he has not dumbed out for real for real. But this clip of Nicki going crazy on his is doing the rounds again and Meek’s core fans are calling for him to diss his old girl. Check out the clip.

Now, remember this clip is NOT recent. It is from last year, but it is NOW doing the rounds again.

Now, just the other day this happened and people all have a comment about what Meek was really trying to say.

Instagram: theshaderoom

What do you think? Was he hiding the hurt or making fun?

Meek also dismissed a TMZ reporter that asked him about Nicki.

A lot going on.

Just hope Drake stays out of it.