Signs The World Is Coming To An End! Lying Mother of 3 Kills Infant Sons!

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According to initial reports, Shaquan Duley, a mother of two boys, flagged down South Carolina police a half a mile from the Edisto River. She told them she was in a car accident. This motherf**ker drove her car into the river with her sons in it, strapped in their car. This is giving me a headache just writing about it, I'm so pissed off. Two-year-old Devean Duley and 18-month-old Ja'Van Duley were found soon. As soon as they found old, dumb a$$ Shaquan, they knew she had done it. She wasn't wet and there were no tire marks around the river. But, here is what's even WORSE. This stupid, sick and evil woman got into a fight with her mother and then decided to kill her kids. She actually killed them by putting her HANDS OVER THEIR MOUTHS AND SUFFOCATED THEM. THEN she drove them into the river. She is up for two counts of murder. Oddly, she has a daughter too that she didn't kill. Man, I swear, give her the chair. Skip the costly trial and all the legal crap. Just give her the chair, yo! Killing two innocent kids like that! What is wrong with us!?

On top of it all, this chick is 29. The early reports are suggesting she wanted more free be free. She didn't have any money. She wasn't able to hold a job. Lemme stop...head hurts.

This is a tragedy. I hope somebody sees the handwriting on America's wall.

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