I cannot believe what I am seeing. Check this out from A MAN WITH BALLS THAT WEIGH 100 POUNDS!!!

Las Vegas Man With 100-pound Scrotum Needs $1 Million For Surgery

Wesley Warren Jr. suffers from a rare condition called scrotal lymphedema where an excess of watery fluid collecting in tissues around his testicles have flared to the point where his scrotum weighs 100-pounds. When he goes outside he has to wear a hoodie over his sack and carry a milk carton to rest it on when he sits. It takes him three hours to complete simple tasks like going to the store or the post office. 
Because of the swelling, his penis is buried in his scrotum, preventing him from urinating like a normal man. He has no control of his urinal trajectory, thus he tends to splash all over the place, causing an permanent smell of urine on his person. He tries to cover it up with scents and baby powder, but nothing works.
The condition arose a few years ago when one of his legs accidentally struck his testicles when he was sleep.
"I never felt such pain," he said. "It was like a shooting pain through my entire body. When it stopped, it was like a huge tractor trailer went off the top of me. I think it ruined my lymph nodes down there."
The only way to solve his problem is through surgery that costs $1 million. Warren doesn't want to go the freak show route to raise funds, but he did appear on the Howard Stern show, opening himself to ridicule, but getting his story out nonetheless.
He is accepting donations from anyone that cares to help and is actively soliciting millionaires and billionaires to help him out. His email is if you want to donate to the cause.

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