Signs The World Is Coming To An End: The Female George Zimmerman Kills Old Man!


Murder is murder. Some, like Zimmerman, have beat the case. Now will the female version of George beat the case too?

(AllHipHop Rumors) You may or may not remember when I used to do "Signs The World Is Coming To An End" on It was kind of like Charlamagne's "Donkey of the Day," but it was not focused on a single person. It was more about things that happened all over the place that symbolized the dramatic decline of civilization. I believe I am going to start doing it again, still applies.

The latest is a woman they are dubbing "the female George Zimmerman," which gives me shutters down my spine. A Georgia woman has been charged with the murder of a Black elderly couple she killed on Tuesday, but expects to get off on the ambiguous "good Samaritan" law. The Georgia woman, 21-year old Hannah Payne said that she saw Kenneth Herring, 62, hit another car - not her own - and flee the scene of the crime. A resident of Fayetteville, good ol' Hannah says she called 911 and went in hot pursuit of the vehicle! She followed for roughly a mile until she couldn't wait any longer.

This mad woman allegedly caught up with the old man, boxed in his truck and set on her mission of murder. See, he was minding his own, and she had a license to carry a gun. She grabbed in and stepped to Herring. He died after a confrontation of her making ensued.

Like Zimmerman, she took it upon herself to follow and subsequently act as judge, jury and executioner of another private citizen of color. Did I mention, Mr. Herring was Black? Oh, I forgot that part. On top of it all, the alleged hit-n-run was not even a big deal, according to the cops. It certainly was NOT worth the man's life. On top of that, they are charging that HE hit HER with his car, causing HER to kill HIM in self-defense.

How are they going to call a murderer a "Good Samaritan" and sleep at night. Her lawyer said, “She had a ripped shirt, she had scratch marks on her. It should be [finger] prints of his and hers on the gun. She felt that she needed to pull that gun to defend herself and it went off."

Other eye witnesses said Payne was the aggressor.

Christine Herring, the wife of the murder victim wants her to do hard time in jail.“Why would you get out (of the car)?" she said. "That means you weren’t in no danger if you got out of your car to go to his car.I think she needs to go to jail because she committed murder. You need to go to jail."

Payne is charged with murder without malice and is being held without bond in Clayton County Jail.

And, for the record, Hannah:

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Zimmerman had stopped trying to keep Martin in view when told by the dispatcher that they didn't need him to do that. Martin having reached his father's girlfriends house made the stupid decision to go back to confront Zimmerman, sucker punch him, smash his head into the concrete and pummel him "MMA style" Zimmerman defended himself against his younger, stronger and larger attacker by using his gun in self-defense. Sad that Martin foolishly lost his life but blaming Zimmerman does not teach other young men the right lesson and doesn't help other young men avoid the consequences of acting in the same manner as Martin.


Oh she was just trying to do what the police do everyday, exerting white privilege against anyone of color they deem dangerous. Even though she pursued him... Only In Amerikkka...SMH...