SIGNS: Two Daughter Shot Dead After Mom Drives Them To Help Her In A Fight!

An Arkansas mom has a problem with a woman and gets her babies killed.

(AllHiphop Rumors) Let me tell you all how this ends. The mom runs away! A mother has a beef at a local beauty in Hot Springs Arkansas and decides to ride out...but instead of riding responsibly, she decides to take her daughter. And when I mean "ride responsibly, " I mean stay yo' a$$ home. No, she scooped up her daughters and rode them and herself to the Simply Unique Hair Beauty Supply store with the expectation that they were going to beat somebody up. The results, according to the Hot Springs Arkansas Police Department (HSPD), were two deceased women Montieria Myers, 22 and Mernaiya Myers, 19. The pair went to the beauty shop at their mother's behest to confront an employee of the shop about an ongoing problem with their mom.

A fight ensued and eventually, the woman pulls out a burner and flames both of the girls. She kills them dead. The mother then runs away leaving her kids to die in the situation that she brought them into. She should've let the woman kill her too. Cops say witnesses and video cameras caught it all. The cops are looking into the matter to determine if they will press charges.