SMH: Nicki Minaj Fans Try To Get Remy Ma Arrested!


Nicki Minaj has brought out the wack a$$ Hip-Hop fans. I cannot believe that this is life, a time where rap fans are snitching over a rap battle.

by the inside man

(AllHipHop Rumors)

Now, some think this is cool, but I think it has to be the wackest thing ever. Remy Ma did considerable time in the bing over shooting somebody. Now, she is on probation over it. Why have Nicki Minaj stans been calling Remy’s P.O.? They are really trying to get Remy knocked up because she wasted homegirl on “shETHER.”

That’s some real corny and petty BS. Yes, it was a murder but are you really snitching and validating that she won?

Check it:

And then, it seems like Nicki Minaj has been trying to force distract us into forgetting her non-existent battle with Remy. Check what she did over the weekend.

AND, guess what?

The word on the street is that Nicki Minaj got “shETHER” shelved on a number of platforms and you look and there seems to be something there. The one on youtube that had millions and millions and millions of views – taken down. The ones on SoundCloud – taken. The iTunes SEEMS to be there, but I cannot get it to play. Nicki may not be battle rapping, but she is doing some other form of battle. Remy may have a case of David vs Goliath on her hands.