SMH: XXXTentacion Claims He Is A Better Rapper Than Tupac?!

Get this man out of here! These comparisons to the greats have to stop.

By Rico Panacea (@RicoPanacea)

(AllHipHop Rumors) XXXTentacion recently sat down with DJ Akademiks for a Twitch conversation.

The rapper is highly outspoken and honestly places himself in a lot of these positions.

While he offered some good opinions in the discussion, he also offered some opinions on things he may need further education on.

Some of the good things he spoke on was his work as a sound engineer at 15 and how he understands frequency. He also spoke about having to dumb down his music if another artist has a hot song that's dumbed down.

Some of the wilder comments came from him discussing Biggie and Tupac.

He says he blames the Notorious B.I.G and Tupac Shakur for making all the kids want to pick up guns.

He says he blames them for glamorizing guns and violence.

That opinion was wild because there was an entire Gangsta Rap period before Tupac and Biggie emerged.

He spoke none of that period whatsoever.

To blame Biggie and Tupac for gun violence in the community is absurd.

The second wild statement came when XXXTentacion stated that he was a better rapper than Tupac.

"Bro I'm better than Tupac. Please don't compare me to him," said Tentacion. "Tupac can't make rock music," he continued.

Most of the conversation between DJ Akademiks and XXXTentacion was antediluvian. I honestly don't know if these guys are being ridiculous or serious. Who really knows?

What are your thoughts on XXX's statement?

Do you think XXXTentacion is a better Rapper than Tupac?

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Yo azz wouldn't even be around if Pac was still here. These fuck niggaz make me laugh wit that im better than Pac and B.I.G. shit LMAO


Didn't this weirdo get knocked the fuck out on stage and didn't the Migos fucked him up.Nigga when u sell 5 million off one album then u can talk until then shut the fuck up cause ya bars trash and be careful when u diss the greats cause Pac still got true fans that a fuck u up til day u bitch u.


In all honesty this is how he should feel. He think he the best. Good for him.


Comments from rappers who place themselves at the top of the food chain, hardly carries merit. THE PEOPLE/LISTENERS/CONSUMERS/ RESPECTED CRITICS CHOOSE WHO THE GREATS ARE NEVER THE ARTIST! The artist contribution to the argument is their body of work after that it's in the people's hands!