Snitch Or Die: Is This The Case Against 6ix9ine?

Tekashi 69 seems to have limited options right now....

(AllHipHop Rumors) Lets get some stuff out of the way. The FEDS have a 90-95% conviction rate. When they come for you, they have a super strong case. Now, somebody like Murder Inc managed to defeat the case that the Feds had against them, but they were maligned so badly that they never regained the space that they once occupied. Tekashi is in a different space. He's been closely affiliated or DOWN with The Bloods of Brooklyn. Murder Inc was just "cool" with Supreme.

Anyway, my sources tell me 6ix9ine is in a "SNITCH OR DIE" situation. Remember, the Feds took him in and told them there was a plot to kill him. He decided to decline their "offer" and protection and hit the streets. Within a day or so, they took THEM ALL down. Now, 6ix9ine is in GENERAL POPULATION. I am going to continue to offer up what people are telling me. Basically, the homie Tekashi is in a tough space. The minimum time on these charges - if he is guilty - is 30-plus years and a possibility of life in jail. The feds ain't playing and Tekashi may not be their main target. But, he can get them all that they need.

So, they gave him the opportunity to talk and he passed on it. Now they are looking to MAKE him talk.

What will Tekashi do?

Stay "real" and go to trial with the odds totally stacked against him?

Work with the Feds, turn rat, and lose it all?

Witness protection? I heard that he may be already plotting to cut the hair, and try to clean up the look.

Face the wolves?

It simply does not look like he has a lot of options.


What do you think?

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Tyree D.

snitch or die? not dramatic at all.


Milwaukee crew
Milwaukee crew

50 center and p diddy and jay z workin wit the feds.and they continue to go hood to hood and buy neighborhoods because niggas need money and they will fuck wit em.

My friends that I went to school wit are 2pac fans.but they let snoop in the hood to buy a ounce of weed.they need money u see?