#SNLSoWhite: Beyoncé Blasted For Being Black? (Video)


Photo Credit: Instagram

On America's commercialized day of love, the inane folks at NBC's Saturday Night Live had nothing but hate for Beyoncé. In an elementary attempt at satire offensive comments were hurled towards Queen B. A slew of predictable puns were made in jest about Bey's cultural heritage.

"Honey, get in here! I think Beyoncé is Black," a flat thespian attempted to deliver her shocking discovery. To their chagrin a collection of appalled co-workers traded barbs. One man sang some lyrics from her song "Formation." The inquisitive idiot asked, "...hot sauce in my bag, swag," what does that mean?

"Maybe that song isn't for us," offered another insolent individual. A hysterical woman soon voiced her White Privilege and yelled, "But usually everything is!"

Check out the video:

Is SNL's The Day Beyoncé Turned Black an apt depiction of how some folks view Beyoncé?