Snoop Dogg Forgives Woah Vicky For Threatening Him WIth A Gun

AllHipHop Staff

Woah Vicky recently dissed Snoop Dogg on Instagram and the rapper has found the kindness in his heart to forgive her.

Author: Rico Panacea (@RicoPanacea)

(AllHipHop Rumors) Woah Vicky is an Instagram comedian. The younger generation of teenagers love her and frequently watch her content. She’s satirical and basically a parody of Hip-Hop in her comedy. That’s what’s in and Instagram personalities such as Woah Vicky and Lil Tay are only getting bigger.

Recently Woah Vicky went too far in one of her videos. She did so by dissing Snoop Dogg in a video flashing guns and calling out the Doggfather.

Snoop caught wind, and was angered. He replied, calling her a "funky white dog haired b##ch" and could not believe she had the audacity to threaten him.

Woah Vicky immediately issued an apology and nobody knows exactly why she had the sudden change of heart, but it happened.

Snoop Dogg is finally speaking out about Woah Vicky and the video. Snoop was asked about the video while on the Howard Stern show. Snoopsaid he was older, wiser and forgives the 18-year-old for not knowing any better.

Police in Woah Vicky’s hometown are said to be reviewing the video to decide if they want to pursue charges.