Snoop Dogg Gets Into The Mix And Defends Drake Against Kanye West

Snoop isn’t a fan of Kanye West or his actions but he likes Drake.

By: Rico Panacea (@RicoPanacea)

(AllHipHop Rumors) Hip-Hop legend Snoop Dogg hasn’t been shy when speaking on his feelings about fellow musician Kanye West.

West notably made headlines this year by supporting the controversial “Make America Great Again” campaign.

The campaign has said to be fueled by racist and discriminatory undertones with its signature red hat as its symbol. A hat that Ye would wear in support as he hoped to change its meaning to one of love.

The love concept is one that Kanye has been speaking on all year. Some of his statements have continued to ruffle the feathers of his fellow colleagues and other citizens around the world in general as his theories has been seen as problematic.

Ye also ran into a bigger problem this year with his continued feud with one of music’s biggest superstars Drake. All of it stems from a recording session for Kanye’s last album “Ye,” which was released earlier this year.

Last week Kanye would call out Drake in a series of tweets for allegedly threatening his family and sneak dissing him on records.

Today it seems as if Snoop Dogg is drawing a line in the sand and siding with Drake in this feud as he posted a new video clip to Instagram.

“N##ga Drake hard.,” said Snoop Dogg.

He continued, “Get yo a## up off yo phone and go holla at that n##ga in real life. And stop telling the whole world what you going through. We don’t give a f##k.”

Clearly Snoop Dogg is fed up with the self proclaimed “Yeezus” and his tweeting habits. What do you think about Kanye’s latest Twitter rants?

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Snoop a sucka... my money on Kanye in a squabble against drake and snoop CUZ!


Anyone who gets peed on and smacked by diddy is not hard! Snoop ridin wit drake has more to do with hatin on kanye.


Snoop always judging people..People need to start judging him for not claiming his kid "Juliuan Broudas" google him illseed and write an article about it..Kid like 20 now and Snoop has never claimed him in the public because his wife won't let him, but he claims his daughter which is by another man..Funny how no one talks about this..