Snoop Dogg Goes In On Arnold Schwarzenegger!

Snoop Dogg is pretty upset about Arnold Schwarzenegger shortening the sentence of a murderer whose father happened to be one of Arnold's political allies. Snoop goes in calling Arnold everything from a racist piece of sh*t to a punk MF. Schwarzenegger released Esteban Nunez from prison 10 years early.

Nunez was convicted for manslaughter, but on the last day he was in office, Arnold shortened Esteban's sentence from 16 years to 7. Snoop believes it is cronyism and white privilege because his friend Stanley "Tookie" Williams died by lethal injection as Arnold refused to stop his execution. Snoop says he can't wait to catch Arnold in the streets because he is going to confront him. Snoop also says,

"I hope he running with Trump so we can knock both of you n*ggas off at the same time."

Snoop is PISSED!