So Did Kanye and Kim Kardashian Cut The Check To Amber?

Rumors...Rumors...and More...

The Clapback heard ‘ROUND THE WORLD….and then comes the selfie. Listen, there are some people you simply don’t want as enemies and, for Kanye West, Amber Rose is clearly one of those people. Now, I know for a fact…well an alleged fact, that Kim Kardashian is known to pay to make “problems” go away. I don’t mean putting hits on people. She allegedly pays to make people her friends or to stop them from talking badly about her.

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When this selfie popped up this morning, it was fairly clearly that something dramatic happened and a wave of peace befell all parties. I suppose this is a good thing, but more importantly…a necessary thing. Easy Yeezy does not need any more “fingers in the bootyhole” bombs heading into the release of his next album.

ALSO: Just yesterday, it was reported that Amber might come out with a finger sex the name of Kanye. Read about that here.

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