So Is Dame Dash Broke Or Not? He Rebukes TMZ!


Dame Dash insists TMZ is hating on his pockets!

(AllHipHop Rumors) People don't want to admit this, but we should be thanking Dame Dash in perpetuity. Dame was 1/3 of Roc-Ad-Fella Records! He gave us so much and we don't want to admit that fact these days, some 20+ years later. I don't forget! Dame has seen better days, but he does not take kindly to outlets saying he is "broke."

TMZ reported just that the other day. Now here is some of what the mainstream outlet has reported:

Dash says the only revenue stream he has is from Lee Daniels, who owed him $2 million. We posted video last year of Dash confronting Daniels at a Diana Ross concert, demanding payment. Daniels subsequently agreed to repay Dash.

Now, here's the twist. Daniels has been paying the loot back, but it appears the money has been garnished by creditors ... Dash is that deep in the hole.

He says, "My income streams have all been garnished ... and it is very difficult to address the mounting bills until I receive some relief from the courts."

This isn't the first sign of financial trouble. Dash filed legal docs in September asked the judge to terminate his child support obligations to ex-wife Rachel Roy. He said in 2018 he made just a hair over $56,000.

Now, we know all these rich guys play funny with their books. Remember 50 Cent's bankruptcy situation? The next day, he's playing "money phone" on Instagram. We've seen some of Dame's lifestyle too and he's far from broke. He probably has all his money in his kid's name or something! HAHA! Anyway, he didn't take long to clap back!

"Perfect example of how they always trying to make a strong independent black man look broke...this is the narrative they push no mention of my 24 network or my streaming service...or my galleries just bubblegum shit... @tmz_tv y’all corny for that but the agenda is clear...Keep it up ...I’m gonna keep making examples of y’all by winning...y’all been saying the same shit for 12 years ....soldiers will never understand generals.... 2 different languages"

And I have seen Black people talk about "he's not a nice person..." and some other random opinion! At the end of the day, people need to understand that "We" are now listening to the views of others and those views are shaping how we see ourselves. Dame ain't perfect and neither is Harvey! Keep that money in those offshore accounts, Dame, and give us a new interview! Just kidding. 

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It's not really our business if that man is having financial issues. What I do know is that broke is a mindstate more than anything and he doesnt have a broke mindset so...


I'm sorry.. if homie gotta hide money just to stay afloat, then he's living outside of his means...