Social Media Makes Fun Of Russy Simmons AND Delonte West!


F you, social media! I hate you with a passion!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Some of you may notice that I have a very limited presence on social media. This is not an accident. I HATE THAT SH!T!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am going to try to do better but until that time, I HATE SOCIAL MEDIA! PERIOD!

Yesterday and today was more proof of why I hate social media so damn much. The women of the internet are pretty clear about shaming. SHAMING IS BAD! Lizzo was "shamed" for a myriad of reasons and others too. But now we see that Russy Simmons is the latest person to be publicly shamed and ridiculed for his looks. First of all, I don't see anything wrong with lil homie's looks (not that I judge looks period). He just looks very, very young, even though he is 22 now. That didn't stop chicks from going in on him relentlessly! Now, the dude already looks very quiet and shy on his socials, based on what I have seen. I believe the person that started all of this has deleted the original offensive post. 

The good thing is some have come to his defense. 

I can't find the image that sparked all this and that is probably for the best. I am going to keep it moving.

Remember Delonte West? He used to play in the NBA and went off the deep end and slept with LeBron James's mother. Well, it has been all downhill since then. That was a long time ago and well...things have changed. 

Look at this video! 

CRAZY! I hope the dude gets help. A lot of stuff makes sense now!

There's nothing funny about either of these guys. Get better!

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Social Media & Today's Society is totally fucked up!!! You have people who no one can see that give opinion's on everything whether it's true or not! I remember when people said Alicia Keys was a lesbian when her 1st video blew up & why because she had braids in her hair, no other LEGIT reason. Ironically years later when she got with Swizz she suddenly was a "homewrecker". Speaking of the Simmons' I recall people constantly saying Angela Simmons looked like she had Down Syndrome years ago, keep in mind 99.9% of most Black people don't even know what it is. Strangely over the last 6 year's I don't hear that anymore. Maybe it's because she's a Beautiful Grown Woman now who successfully runs a few business'. Fuck all Trolls, Hater's & Jealous Loser's!!!!!