Some Native American Women Are Big Mad At Nicki Minaj!


Was Nicki Minaj wrong for reposting the cover art, or are people too sensitive?

(AllHipHop Rumors) Uh oh! Some Native American women are pretty upset with Nicki Minaj.

After Minaj's Paper Magazine cover "broke the internet" there were a ton of mixed reviews.

Nicki only cared about the positive ones as she went on to promote it heavily. She even reposed fan art interpretations of the cover as well.

One of the fan art posts that she reposted showed the menage a trois cover with Nicki's image as Pocahontas.

When I say this sent Native American women over the edge!

Many women took to social media to inform Nicki about why they felt the image was wrong and offensive.

They took issue with the image because of the historical context of the Pocahontas story.

Twitter user @lilani_moonin told Nicki,

"nicki minaj and the people trying to defend her are trash. pocahontas was a 12 year old girl when she was sold into marriage and raped by her colonist husband. and this is how this child was portrayed when nicki reposted this. #MMIW stop sexualizing native girls."

@LilNativeBoy said,

"I love Nicki but the fact that she is a grown woman obsessed with a child rape victim & continues the sexualization of Native Women is disgusting!! Do better @NICKIMINAJ."

Other people argued that the use of Pocahontas was okay because it featured Disney's caricature version of Pocahontas and not the real person.

What are your thoughts?

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