Some Quick Rumors Featuring Teairra Mari, Kanye West & Even Dave East

These aren't really even rumors. Most like trashy gossip collected on the internet.

(AllHipHop Rumors)Did Teairra Mari Upload Her Own Sex Promo? People will do anything for fame and acclaim. And Kanye’s wife has set the tone for a lot of people, and Teairra Mari is the next one. Apparently, the dude Christopher Milan, of Love & Hip-Hop Somewhere, put TeaTea on full blast!

What the hell is going on here? Dude is allegedly willing to testify on 50 Cent’s behalf! If Teairra did, in fact, do this to herself, it would be the single-most most desperate move I’ve seen in a long time. I don’t think her money is long enough to do battle with 50 Cent.

And you know 50 had to weigh in on it, through social media.

Damn, at one time, these were artists.


I don’t know who this man 1 Shot Dealz is, but he can spit! And all the phlegm is directed to Dave East. What the hell did Dave East do to people? I thought it was in his little bag doing his 1, 2 step for NYC. I dunno. This could be why NYC can’t fully pop. They shred each other in the process of rising to the top.

According to the innanets, Dave East mentioned this man in his Trey Pizzy diss I posted the other day.


Kanye West tried to get out! I can see him trying to escape, but I think KK pulled him back in like a horror movie.