Some Sunday Rumors And Talk! R. Kelly! Redman! NBA Youngboy!

What in the hell!? Look at these rumors.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Everybody is talking about R. Kelly. Let me tell you, I know so much that I can't talk about, its sad. Hoping that guy finds his way to justice. Nevertheless, I am hearing that he's done his pedo 2-step on hundreds of girls. He basically preyed on the weakness of the weak: money, fame, success and more if you dig into the history of a lot of these people. The rumor is R. Kelly locks everybody that comes into contact with him an NDA. And then another NDA. And then another NDA. And then another and another and another NDA. He keeps it completely airtight. In the documentary, "Surviving R. Kelly," they said that "Robert" took it a step farther and had them sign off that they owe him money or they stole from him so that he always had something on them. I don't know that R. Kelly will ever see another court room. As Thanos said in "Avengers: Infinity War," they should have aimed for the head. They had him and didn't kill him when they had the chance. Now he's updated his tactics, and I think may be untouchable. What say you? R. Kelly's case sure shows you who is who...a lot of creeps and creepettes.

On a higher note....

Redman's mother found a 20 year old bag of weed! What the hell! Can you even smoke that?d I think I would smoke it and see what happens!

A girl got NBA Youngboy's face tatted on her upper breast! WHAT THE FLORSHEIM!?

She said she ain't nobody's girlfriend.

That tat is worse than the "69" girl!


Simone Grant
Simone Grant

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