Someone Is Claiming Kanye West Had An Affair With His Assistant!


Although Kanye West shut down Amber Rose's claims of him liking to get his a**hole played with, someone else is telling a different story. Celebrity gossip site received a tip that Kanye has allegedly been having an affair with a former male model turned Yeezy assistant.

The source told Fameolous,

"I have some serious TEA to spill. The rumors about Kanye liking his ass played with are true. My ex-bestfriend has been f*cking around with him for years – and has confirmed Kanye is VERS! Meaning he gives and takes d*ck – quite well. It all started when they met in Paris during a fashion week private after party. After being introduced by a mutual photographer friend, the two spent the entire night and morning together. Keenan was then hired as Kanye’s “1st Assistant” and attended his show in Paris.

Keenan told me the reason why Kanye likes him is because he’s so “low profile” and educated. The two have taken numerous international trips together but always to low-key destinations like Guadeloupe or Ghana. Where they know paparazzi doesn’t really exist. Recently the two went back to Spain were Keenan’s friend has an apartment. Keenan has gotten mad gifts from money, shoes, concert/fashion show tickets, and trips. He also spends time with Kanye in the studio."

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The source claims that the reason they are revealing the alleged relationship is because the guy Keenan's head needs to be shut down! These are some pretty serious allegations in regards to Kanye's life and sexuality. What are your thoughts? Allegedly this is they guy (below.)