SONG SNIPPETS: Does Dr. Dre's Detox Have A Shot Of Leaking?

Dr. Dre is an enigma, but could we see some of his most infamous work released?

(AllHipHop Rumors) So, I can't gauge the rap game these days anymore. So, lets start from the beginning. Dr. Dre, the famed rap producer and N.W.A. co-founder, left the super group to start Death Row records with Suge Knight. The first produce was 1992's The Chronic. The album stands as one of the best Hip-Hop has offered. It is one of the golden standards in the rap game. In 1999, he released The Chronic 2001, another classic. It also had Dre with a fresh coat of new. After that, everybody was waiting for the next installment, which was supposed to be Detox.

Detox never came. We waited and waited and waited. Well, to this day, people are showing interest in Detox. Now, this music that just leaked its being referred to as "The Chronic 3," I never really heard about this until today, but here are the clips.

In one of the songs, Dre talks about guys that wear their clothing too tight. To me, this means that its not that old - AT LEAST 10 YEARS! HAHA! Honestly, it sounds pretty dated and that's probably why it is now. As you should know, Dre also dropped COMPTON, his triumphant return. These tracks could just as easily be leftovers from that album.

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Seems like there is a chance, if any audio is leaking

doc jam
doc jam

This is GREATNESS! They need to just drop this!