Soooo...Who Is Pete Rock Talking About?

He's talking about somebody but nobody seems to be able to figure out - YET1

( AllHipHop Rumors) Who is Pete Rock talking about? First of all, if you don't know who Pete Rock is get your little noob fingers to googling. Pete Rock is one of the best producers that Hip-Hop has ever seen. So, if you have any reservations with, say, that Nas/Kanye product, if it was Pete and Nas, we likely would not have any questions. THAT SAID, the legend has an issue with SOMEBODY, but we don't quite know. Peep what he said cryptically on Twitter.

Now the first thought was:

But its not that clear.

As you know, the radio is a weird place right now. The music is very secondary to the hosts and the interviews and whatever else is on the sidelines. The radio is NOT what it used to be, where music is discovered and stars are born. The internet is that now.