Soulja Boy Brings 50 Cent Into His Beef With Quavo


Someone get Soulja Boy some help! Every other day Soulja Boy is beefing with another rapper.

by ClassicOne

(AllHipHop Rumors) This week he’s beefing with Migosmember Quavo. Fake gangsters oftentimes have to tag other people in on their beef, so Soulja Boy decided to retweet a 6 year old tweet from 50 Cent defending him in the past.

50 Cent said he would get people killed if they touched Soulja. We wonder if 50 still feels this way.

50 Cent is always down for some reckless and petty shhhh, but we don’t know if Soulja Boy’s current antics are something Godfather Fif would be down for.

According to Soulja Boy, he has real street cred., he sent Quavo his address but Quavo failed to pull up, and 50 Cent still has his back. Hmmmmm.

50 Cent has yet to issue a statement on whether he condones Soulja’s recent behavior. Let’s hope not.