Soulja Boy On Assaulting Girlfriend For VH1 TV Show!

Soulja Boy is having the best year ever, but if this video is what it looks like, he may catch a case.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Is Soulja Boy out here beating on women - on camera? First of all, I thought "Marriage Boot Camp" was for people that were...DRUMROLL...MARRIED! But, it seems like they needed to add a layer to their ratchetness! And Big Draco seems to be more than happy to oblige!

Soulja Boy AND network VH1 are catching hell because the rapper is under scrutiny for assaulting girlfriend Nia Riley for the latest ep of the show Marriage Boot Camp. People are not feeling the network publicizing this act of brutality. The rapper reportedly said she “embarrassing him on TV" and then proceeded to do something even more embarrassing, beat on her. She is in the bed and he gets on top of her, seizing the phone, and she screams so loud that the whole house woke up. “Get out! Get the f##k off of me!" she yelled.

Look at it.

Waka Flocka's on there too and his wife Tammy said, "We in this together, so I was ready to beat Soulja a## if I had to."

Here they are arguing. Also, Nia blames him for the loss of their child. She had a miscarriage. Sorry, Nia.Sad.

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