Soulja Boy Reignites Beef With Lil Yachty Over Sextape


Soulja Boy is NOT with Lil Yachty’s bull! An alleged sextape snippet of Insta-rapper bae India Love involved in some girl-on-girl action hit the net recently.

by ClassicOne

(AllHipHop Rumors) Now that the 22-30 seconds is out, Lil Yachty is not offering his former “girl” any support. In fact the rapper has asked his fans to stop tagging him about it as he claims that she is not his girl.

Apparently Soulja Boy was going to let it all slide, but he couldn’t because he says Lil Yachty started all of this beef and drama only to now say that that’s not his girl!!!

“N-gga stick by ur chick lmao. Don’t be embarrassed now. lmao wtf.” tweeted Soulja Boy.

But frfr how is Yachty going to start all of that stuff just to re-nig and backpedal?! Lil Yachty & Soulja Boy need to get it together, and this India chick does as well. First there were photos of The Game fingering her in the park, then her nudes got exposed, & now she got a tape out with another girl rubbing her azz. Gots to be more careful.