Soulja Boy’s Mom Claims He’s A Fraud And Broke!


Soulja Boy. Soulja Boy. Soulja Boy. The boy’s mom is still in the hood, they say! And when we say “they,” we are not just talking idiots. His brother has put this information on blast and they are not holding anything back.

by the inside man Rumors.

(AllHipHop Rumors) They are saying that SB is nothing but BS. They call him phony and a bunch of other stuff about how his stuff is all rented and his jewels are fake. This is pretty sad.

SB’s brother rapping at him. He’s a better rapper than SB too….

What makes a man leave his mom in the hood and he’s not? Crazy.

I realized I’m a little late on this. SB’s already responded.

Soulja Boy Responds to his Blood Brother John Way Diss on Instagram Live!!!