Southside Tells Tory Lanez He Wants All The Smoke and Then...

AllHipHop Staff

Video surfaced recently of Tory Lanez having a heated exchange with Travis Scott and Producer Southside isn’t pleased.

By Rico Panacea (@RicoPanacea)

(AllHipHop Rumors) Southside is one of rap’s biggest producers of the moment. The Atlanta based producer and his crew 808 Mafia have been creating the sound behind some of rap’s biggest hits for the last 10 years.

If not working with frequent collaborator and 808 Mafia member TM88, Southside often works with other producers on production projects.

Producers Southside has worked with range from Zaytoven and Sonny Digital to Metro Boomin and Travis Scott.

Southside’s relationship with Travis Scott is what brings us to our latest rumor.

Tory Lanez recently stopped by The Breakfast Club set and told a story about him and Travis Scott not seeing eye to eye over the fellow rapper singing a hook written by Tory.

In the interview, Tory Lanez spoke of comparisons made between him and other artists and people not knowing that he has written songs that have been used by other artists.

Essentially meaning the other artists were influenced by Tory and his style. Tory then spoke on Travis Scott saying that Travis does write his own material and the hook he sang was written by Tory but had already been placed on a T.I. and Meek Mill song.

A video surfaced after the interview showing Tory and Travis having a heated exchange about the topic and the song in question.

Southside offered his opinion about the situation after the video surfaced only. To say the least, Southside wasn’t too pleased with Tory Lanez

"We don't gotta do no hoe shit to sell records, you bitch-ass ni##a. Fuck outta here, ni##a. Tell that bitch-ass ni##a Tory Lanez to hit us, ni##a.,” said Southside.

He continued, “We want all the smoke, all the fades. Call whoever you want to call, ni##a. We in California on the regular, you bitch-ass ni##a."

To keep it short and sweet, this situation escalated quickly and ended just as fast as it started.