Space Ghost Purp Says He Used To Bully 6ix9ine!

Rapper Space Ghost Purp recently took to Twitter to tell a story about bullying a young 6ix9ine.

By: Rico Panacea (@RicoPanacea)

(AllHipHop Rumors) What’s a week in Hip-Hop without some Tekashi 6ix9ine news? King Clout finds news headlines like he’s been finding hits lately.

His Billboard charting appeal can’t be denied, but his antics outway his success. Negativity comes to this guy even when 6ix9ine attempts to be a positive.

At this point he’s so far in deep that it’s inevitable and I think he’s starting to understand. The rumors surrounding his life and career hold the same weight as the facts.

Recently rapper Space Ghost Purp spoke out against the 6ix9ine. Basically, he used to bully the guy according to Purp.

“6ix 9ine wore team Jordan's at my school when we was in 9th grade . I stepped on them every time .,” said Space Ghost Purp.

He continued, “And he always said in his little Spanish n##ga voice he said 'Aye deg y u stepped on my shoes niggy dat shit ain't funni deg.”

6ix9ine’s music career has already surpassed that of Space Ghost Purp’s.

So I guess if safe to say the bully never comes out on top in the end.

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Jesus.. Retard on Retard crime. Stepped on his shoes regularly..Congratulations your a fucking dickhead.