SpaceGhostPurrp Goes On Weird Homo-Illuminati Rant...


What the! SpaceGhostPurrp makes some sensational claims and says he's seen "it" firsthand!

(AllHipHop Rumors) SpaceGhostPurrp. I know very little about SpaceGhostPurrp. But now I am aware of him for all the wrong reasons. He recently went on a rant that some would say is extremely homophobic. Now, if you think there is some agenda to insert some other culture in the culture then this may be something "feel." Some have alleged that SpaceGhostPurrp has some mental issues and may be off his meds. These are all rumors, but this is what people are saying. I don't know, because I don't know anything about him. But, people have stated that he's seen enough and rejected those that would like to gain entry into his "hind parts." I'ma leave it at that and let you see what HE said. Not God, SpaceGhostPurrp.

This is crazy to say the least! I believe I unearthed the facts that Spacey is a pure homophobe.

Nobody believes this, because of the message and the messenger. Actually, some people I saw do actually believe it.

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Tired of people acting like people are crazy when they state these facts. You think cause people are who they are that they not gettin it in the butt? THEY ALL ARE!